July 12, 2011

Blast - Fly Girl Fantasies (instead of a weekly confessional)

I'm going to go ahead and make the declaration that the return of In Living Color is what television needs these days.
I have no idea what making that declaration will do but maybe some loser with the television gods reads my blog and will put in a good word to Keenan and the gang. Disclaimer: by using the word gang I am in no way implying any sort of racial connotation. Just so we're clear.
I had not seen an episode of In Living Color in probably 18 or more years. Let's see, in 1990 I was around 11. When I was 11-15 I had some major Fly Girl fantasies going on. I was all about The Dance and I was taking ballet pretty heavily at the time so this whole hip-hip dancing thing was all I could think about. It was so much cooler than what I was doing every day of my life taking ballet. I related much more to the hip thrusting, the Roger Rabbit, and the Running Man dances that these girls performed every week. I don't know what that said about me as a tween girl (the tween girl inside of me will never die). You can make your own assumptions. I practiced every hip-hop move I learned. I still bust them out from time to time. Tyrone is such a lucky man.
We borrowed the series recently from our friends who own it on DVD. I was excited to see it but I wasn't expecting to be out of my mind as soon as the theme music started on the first episode. I literally felt a little flushed and even felt a few butterflies when it started. I was ecstatic. I remember as a young and apparently brazen child, being so excited to watch the new episode every week. I clearly remember watching every single move the Fly Girls made. I probably watched them more than I did the skits. I didn't even know who J-Lo was at the time nor gave a rats ass. I do remember Wanda Jackson being my favorite character and Men on Film being my favorite bits for sure. Tyrone can recite every damn line from every damn skit. Just ask him he'll do them ALL for you. Just ask our friends and my parents who got their own mini recap of the show a few weeks ago. He like, totally hearts Jim Carey. Like for realz I'm not even pulling your dick.
It's been so much fun watching them after all of these years. I think we're ready for it to come back, at least my little family is.
Do you have any television shows from your childhood that you would love to see come back?


Kristen said...

Niiiice. I haven't seen an episode of that show in years! That would be a great show to come back.

Oh Honestly Erin said...

I always whine to Henry that I wish MTV would make a channel just for Real World/Road Rules re-runs. Or even if they stop showing the same Teen Mom episode 12,000 times a week and put some throwbacks on instead.

Because I think it's safe to say MTV isn't thinking about music videos anymore.

Other than that, I could go for some Moonlighting.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Kristen - I'm glad you agree.

Erin - I was thinking of you when I was writing this because I see your tweets about SYTYCD and about you being the best dancer (which I'm sure is true). I was laughing my ass off at them. I'm totally down Moonlighting. Sexual tension at it's finest.