July 11, 2011

Wish List, because one is never fully satisfied

I love being able to check things off of my wish list. I was able to do just that when I found some vintage russian nesting dolls (I'll post pics soon) in this etsy shop for SUPER cheap. Cheaper than anywhere else I had ever seen. They were on my etsy favs list and when they went on sale I cleaned out my paypal account to get them. (There wasn't much in there to begin with.) When I was on vacation a few weeks ago, the one where I did NOTHING (I am still torn about this even today), I probably shopped a little too much online.
They are worn out a bit and the large one has a crack behind it's head (reminds me of myself) but it just adds to their charm. I love them.
I do still keep a running wish list in my notebook/spring pad app.
1. I would like a new bike tire for my beach cruiser. This past winter some crack head (it could not have been any other type of person) stole my front tire right off of my bike that was chained up on our balcony. We're on the ground level so it's not that hard to do and since my bike was chained up it was the only thing they could quickly steal I guess. Who does that? What on earth could they need with ONE tire. Yeah. That doesn't look suspicious at all when you take ONE damn tire in to the pawn shop. Losers. I don't know when it happened exactly since I tend to stay cooped up during the cold months. One day I was taking Fred out to go potty and I noticed my bike looked a little off. Fuck. So, all spring and so far this summer I have been longing for a bike ride.
2. Leopard flats - there are plenty out there but I need them to be spectacular.
3. New frames - preferably tortoise shell. Is it too soon to start asking Santa (Tyrone) for them?
4. A Florence and the Machine live show is just what I need right now.
5. An unlimited supply of Earnest Eats bars. They are healthy but they don't taste like it at all which is perfect for me. For anyone really. It's rare when I find something good for me that I actually enjoy. I don't choke down food just because it's good for me. That may essentially be my main problem in life (that and being lazy). The only thing I choke down because it's good for me is water and I hate that with a bloody passion.
6. I want a new puppy. I'll take another Boston gladly or even a french bulldog. I'm hesitant with "purchasing" one. I don't actually want to do that. What is up with charging thousands of dollars for dogs? Seriously it's insane. I will NOT pay that. Fred was a bargain as weird as that is to say. I'm settling  for stalking pics of them online. I'm not sure how long that will hold me off. This makes me feel like I don't appreciate Fred enough if I want another dog - I'm over analysing this aren't I?
7. An external hard drive. This is practical and not so much a wish list item but I really need one.
8. This swimsuit. Need I say more?
9. I want a house. I'm over our neighborhood and one bedroom apartment. Over it.
10. A sexy gold snake ring - but I'll settle for this brooch. It's calling my name.
{The picture above is of a soda bottle that I bought ONLY because it was aesthetically pleasing to me - turns out it's pretty tasty too.}


Janet Bocciardi said...

I think Frederick needs a buddy his size. Just sayin'...

Can I say I want the body and then the swimsuit? Just bought these amazing red shoes and hubby says they make me look like a harlot! I'm afraid to wear them now! I think that swimsuit and my new red shoes would look perfect together.

Vapid Vixen said...

"one has a crack behind it's head (reminds me of myself)"

It's comments like this that make you so easy to like. Despite your best efforts. ;)

ma said...

that swimsuit is dead sexy you should get it xoxo