July 5, 2011

Independence Weekend part 2-Road Trip

We decided that Monday was going to be just our day. We had a holiday weekend plan: Sat we would spend in Utah County, Sun we spent the day with Tyrone's sister by the pool & bbq & watching movies and Monday would be just us.

We took a road trip to Idaho to buy some power ball lottery tickets since it's frowned upon in the state of Utah. Frowned upon? More like flat out illegal actually. There were more Utah license plates in the gas station parking lot than there were Idaho plates. I thought that was quite funny. We took the long way home through Weber canyon to Park City. Niether one of us had ever been through Weber canyon so it was a fun little adventure- hence the road map picture above. Park City was lovely, as usual but i'll get into that later.
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Rebel Mel said...

Gambling? Illegal? I'd be very upset to be somewhere like that. Thank gawd I live in Boston.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics! Looks like you had a really great trip!