December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving and...

So Thanksgiving was good. We got sick the Sunday of that weekend but it was really nice to be with our family. We've been trying to recuperate all week. With work and band practice Ty has had a hard time getting better. We have tried not to do much and just stay in bed and watch movies as much as possible.

Our Thanksgiving feast

We always celebrate really casually but I wanted to at least decorate a bit this year. The theme was Give Thanks.

I took a few pics of the family but am opting not to post them on here. I didn't get a lot of good ones because I just wanted to enjoy the time. Ya know what I mean?

So watching the movie The Road last week didn’t turn out because the November 25th release date wasn’t a full release of the movie and I can’t find any information about when it is coming to Utah. It is so lame. All I can find is that there was some miscommunication that caused a bunch of problems. We were so made when we realized that it wasn’t coming to Utah yet. The book is seriously so good. Normally I don’t recommend reading post-apocalyptic books when I’ve had a pretty depressing time myself but it is honestly powerful if you can get past the surface and read it for what it is; the bottom line is Hope. It shows the human struggle and strength and how we all need hope to make it through awful times. Plus if you want to feel like your life is all sugary rainbows compared to what they go through in this book then get it and read it.

We have a busy month ahead. I can't wait for 2010.

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Anonymous said...

wow you must have had yur dinner at the most beautiful house on the block , at least by the decorations xooxxoox