December 2, 2010

Dear Apple

Dear Apple,
Your shiny green skin lures me into purchasing you every week but sadly I have yet to bite into your juicy center. You've been sitting on my desk now for over a week while your friends rot ever so slowly away in my crisper. You're cute and all, but cute doesn't cut it if you're not seductively draped in caramel, chocolate and nuts. I hate to break this to you but this isn't working out between us. I thought switching from your Polynesian friend the Fuji apple would help but I'm afraid you're even more unsatisfactory. However you do provide a bit of arm candy for the office desk so until you begin to show your age and grow mold I'll leave you where you be until that time comes. But know this; you're going in the trash at the first sign of wilting. And next time you decide to pop in my shopping cart bring your friends mentioned above and let's make one hell of time between all of us.
See you next Halloween!
pic taken with my phone

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