December 9, 2010

Guest Post by Kristen from This, That and Then Some

First, let me give you a quick intro: my name is Kristen, I live over here. I have very little artistic talent, but sometimes I like to pretend. Inspired by Brandy-son's Inspiration and Fauxtography posts, I took my camera and headed to get down with my artistic self.

Unfortunately, I don't live in a nice sized city as our lovely hostess does. I live in the middle-of-nowhere northern Iowa. Know what we have here? Corn. Lots and lots of corn, very little landscape, and wind turbines. So, for your viewing pleasure, I present my view of Iowa.


This guest post was brought to you by Kristen from This, That and Then Some she is one of my favorite blog friends, she is honest and funny and has the coolest color of hair. I am jealous of it because mine will never be that way no matter how much I turn up the brightness or contrast in my photos to make it look more red. Ha! She has a zoo in her house too. Check out her blog! Also, I think that's the first time someone has ever called SLC a big city. We'll take it. These pictures totally inspired me. I'm thinking a trip to Lehi in the Spring when the cows have their babies. Today is also her birthday so head on over to her blog and tell her Happy Birthday!

Thanks Kristen for playing along and for your kind words!


Anika said...

These photos are great! I wish I had those items (barn,windmills, powerlines, corn...) to take shots of! I particularly like that last image, very pretty!

Anonymous said...

the pixs look like hagens old mcdonald baby einstein video, (that hes totally addicted too)so kool , is there a mall ? i miss one hehe tks for the kool post

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Dude, Kristen! These are phenomenal photos! It's funny - I live in Pittsburgh and will go out of my way to get good country landscape for photoshoots. I love it!