December 10, 2010

Every creature was stirring

It started with a mass text at the beginning of the week sent by my mom to all of us that read something like "I'm going to have chili, cookies, food, food, and more food...every one will decorate the tree for Christmas..." Her mass family texts are cute.

So, last Saturday we had ourselves a little family time decorating my parents tree and house for Christmas and stuffing our faces.
my brother's attempt at a porn star cookie
and a little sibling rivalry with the frosting
But before we got into to all of that my brother wanted to test drive my new car so him, his wife (Rachel) and me went for a little drive. After driving around for a little while we ended up driving by this street that him and I use to live on. The house we lived in was haunted. You can ask anyone that lived there - IT WAS. In fact we always kind of joked around that the entire lane was haunted. It was dead end next to the freeway where all of the accidents happen. It was just a really old street and with houses probably over 100 years old on it. I can't remember if I've told any of the stories about this house we lived in and how it was haunted. I might have to re-tell some of them later on. The house on the corner is now for sale and it use to be occupied by this nice old man named Stan. Stan ended up leaving that house and it ended up being occupied by some younger couple that let the nice old house go to shit. Well my little brother wanted to go walk around the place because I guess they had been in it a few days earlier with my dad checking it out. I thought why not - what's the big deal? It was still light outside and the doors were unlocked. We walked around to the side door next to the old cellar-like basement. As soon as I saw it I kind of stopped in my tracks and felt like maybe we shouldn't be there but I quickly swallowed that thought and walked right in after my brother. The picture shown below is not what we walked through. We didn't have big enough cojones to do that. We walked into the dinning room where the floor was sinking in and around to the kitchen where there was a giant whole rotted out of the ceiling. Through the kitchen is where there staircase was. Under the staircase was a little cupboard door. At the kitchen doorway I stopped again while my brother tried coaxing me into the living room telling me how bad I needed to check this room out. I couldn't bring myself to walk passed that little cupboard door. I just couldn't do it. I walked a few steps towards it and almost ran out of the house out from where we came from. Now you're probably thinking that this whole thing sounds dumb but I'm telling you there is a feeling you get when you're intuition (we all have it) kicks in. I had the strongest feeling that I should NOT go in there. It was really pressing. So we ended up practically bolting to the car. Me and Rachel were totally wigging out and my brother was laughing his fear off. Before we got to the car he made walk around to the other side of the house to look inside this window into this small bedroom in the back of the house. I got by the window but there was a lot of glare preventing me from seeing clearly inside. I tried leaning forward to look in but my body wouldn't bend forward. I was so scared to look through the window my body wouldn't allow me to bend forward. I think we've all had those feelings where we feel like something is no good. This house IS no good.

So we finally ended back at my parents house where we talked Tyrone into going back to the haunted house with us. Rachel stayed with my mom but this time we decided to bring Mr. Bo Jengles with us - my parents australian shepherd. He's the sweetest dog in the world BUT he can be VERY protective. We thought maybe he would be able to sense something since some dogs can do that.

these are the only pictures I took with my phone because
the fear had consumed me, I couldn't take anymore

Wait. Why did I go back if I was so scared? I had to find out if I was just entertaining the whole excitement of it all or if I was just over exaggerating my fear. So we're walking through again and this time I am able to walk passed that damn cupboard door because I am the one with the dog on the leash but I couldn't look inside it. I got into the large family room so quickly from running by the cupboard that I didn't realize what I was running towards. That family room. Oh man. That family room. That family room was the WORST!!! The floor was rotted and there was strange stuff on the walls. The chandelier swung back and forth. You know when you can't exactly look at something straight on because you're either guilty or just straight scared out of your mind? No? Okay, that just might be me. I mean, I like to plug my ears and partially cover my eyes through scary movies. There were two bedrooms next the living room that I couldn't even follow the boys into. I wanted to be back by the freaky little person cupboard instead. So that left me standing by the stairs and my brother and Tyrone started heading up them. I SO very much did not want to go up there but I kept telling myself to stop being a pussy. IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUT. I usually only have a problem in the dark. I am a 32 year old woman who is still scared of the dark. I blame my uncle for it.

So, I get to the top of the stairs and freeze again. As Tyrone and my brother went to the left into some room I kept looking over at the right at this small bathroom. My eyes were drawn to that creepy bathroom. I don't even remember what the rest of the attic looked like. I just remember that bathroom and thinking there is no way in hell I am going in that bathroom. I finally just bolted down the stairs and headed straight out of that fucking house. And wouldn't you guess who followed me right of there. The boys who said they weren't scared at all. B.S.

I really feel like something bad happened there and I think it has something to do with children. I'm not trying to play like I'm Patricia Arquette in Medium. It was just a strong sense that I felt. I believe some places where bad things happen hold on to some sort of evil presence. I think that there have been too many awful things that have happened in the houses on that street that still lingers to this day.

(I think my followers number just fell by 50%.)

I could go on and on about all of this but I won't.

I guess a few days prior when my dad had been through the house they actually started walking through the cellar but part of the way through my dad blamed not having a flash light on him turning around leaving really fast. My brother said it was weird for my dad to do that because my dad is freaking John Wayne ya'll!! He is not scared of anything.

two headed pickle - this could be bad

The evening ended on a positive note. We all ended up sleeping over at my parents house because we stayed up way too late trying to watch a bridge demo.

(damn I am so not sleeping tonight after writing about this story)

do you love my mom's carpet in her kitchen? lol
and I apparently have seven toes in this pci

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