December 22, 2010

Tonight we eat

And return things. And snap at each other. And wrap gifts. And eat spaghetti.

You can tell from the last pic I never get to eat in peace.
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emily said...

awww, is that your dog? i have a boston too. he's in photos for my shop on my blog. his name is bez and he's a real character! :)

Anika said...

man that dog's a cutie

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Emily - Yes that is our dog, Frederick. I love meeting people who also have a boston. They're so energetic and expressive; I just love them.

Anika - Thanks dude!!

emily said...

frederick, that's a great name! they are very energetic, that's for sure! ours was a real handful, very dog aggressive and not good with people. he's come a LONG way but even in a house with 3 pit bulls is by far the hardest dog to tame! i can't imagine life without him though.