January 24, 2011


That is a photo of my MJ inspired socs that have a hole in them. I'm deeply disturbed by this.
You know what else disturbs me? The neighbor directly above us. This might be a little too much information for some but I am so mad I have to tell you all this. The neighbor directly above us likes to have the SEX at 3am and I'm not talking about quiet little bed squeaks either. It keeps Tyrone and I up all night and it does NOTHING to ignite a spark between us either. It's the nasty almost violent kind and it is not easy to ignore.
Not only is it Monday morning but the fact that it's been happening for weeks now is driving me nuts. I am a pretty heavy sleeper too and this wakes me right up. I'd put ear plugs in but then I wouldn't hear my alarm clock in the morning. Also, it's not like I can just casually knock on his door and ask him to stop. How awkward would that be? I get that he's a single guy and when you're young and single you do it whenever you want. BUT. BUT, during the week??? The weekends I could bare with it because then I could put ear plugs in.
The thing is I never see a girl come and go out of his apartment and I know he's not gay because I can actually hear this girl. LOUD and CLEAR. The poor girl sounds like she's going through hell and isn't putting up a very good act either. He does have a dog that I've seen with him...but...ew I won't even go there. The girl's voice could just be a porno playing loudly except that I have heard them converse. She must be a booty call or a hooker. They do tend to rome the streets in our hood.
He is a jack rabbit yet it only last for 4 seconds at a time and then he stops and then after 2 minutes he's at it again. This goes on for at least 45 minutes. If I was that girl I'd be like "Get it over with ALREADY!! I got shit to do!!" The stamina is lacking. It's the hard cold truth.
I need help, seriously. I'm struggling at work because of it. Being woken up every other night like that is taking a toll on me.
I really just want to kick him in the balls.
I pray every time it happens that I can ignore it and fall back asleep and wait desperately for the GROAN signaling that it's finally over.
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bebe bird beck said...

bahahah. You are so funny!
And that is super annoying/gross.

Poor you!

Oh Honestly Erin said...

Unless it's porn that I'm watching, I HATE overhearing people having sex. So I feel your pain. That sucks so bad!

Not only would it be awkward to knock on his door, but god only knows what sort of scene that could cause! :/

Now I kind of want you to stalk him and get a picture of the girl.