January 6, 2011

just because

My favorite type of soda is now grapefruit (Jarritos, Izze, or Squirt)
I still get über inspired when I look at wedding blogs
I have a morning ritual makeout session with my coffee every day
I love my coffee mug so much that even though it leaks occasionally I still won't get a new one
I loathe the fuzzy skin on peaches
I love making spreadsheets and doing my monthly budget almost as much as DIY
I love the act of putting makeup on even though I rarely wear it
I also love giving myself and others pedicures and manicures even though my nails are always chipped. I briefly considered learning Japanese and becoming a nail technician.
I enjoy strange and gory as much as the cutesy, girlie stuff
I was motivated this morning when The Beautiful People by MM started playing on my iPod
I don't understand why so many brands of tights come in ONE SIZE FITS ALL when women come in so many varieties of Value Size Happy Meals
I miss my dog so much during they day sometimes that it makes me grit my teeth
**unrelated** I usually answer questions and respond to comments just in the comments section but I was wondering if I should change that? How often do people come back to check or make sure to check the subscribe to comments box?
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Anonymous said...

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Kristen said...

Love The Beautiful People. That intro hits and it always makes me smile.

I usually remember to get e-mail follow-ups for comments. Usually.

Anonymous said...

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brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Kristen. I appreciate that.

Angela said...

haha, gotta love the anonymous comments. To be honest, I rarely come back to see if you've replied. You can reply to the comment through email if the blogger has a visible email address. I prefer it that way, since I'll for sure see you're reply that way! If that didn't make any sense, shoot me an email and I'll find a link to a tutorial for you :)