January 24, 2011

Reminisce with me - The Flys

This song has been on the radio (yes, I still turn on the radio) a lot lately and has sparked a whole bunch of memories back from the late 90's; the year after I graduated from high school. I love this song. When it use to come on I would get all hot and bothered by it (more TMI - sorry). It just really does something for me. I decided to download it (legally...*cough-cough*...of course) recently and it has been on repeat here and there. I use to own the Disturbing Behavior soundtrack of which it was on but after time and a few bad relationships later it has since disappeared. This song doesn't particularly spark a specific memory it just captures a small time frame of when I was discovering my Independence.
So many things I would have done differently.
Take a listen if you haven't heard it...
I remember many drives to youth rallys in SLC with my girls
a brief smoking stint
deciding on whether or not I should go to school
working many hours as a waitress at Wingers
house parties
lots of Christian Rock concerts
drama team rehearsals
dark blue fingernail polish
maroon hair...


Oh Honestly Erin said...

It's amazing the fragments of your past that come flying back at you just from listening to a song. Sometimes scents do that to me, too.

I still like that song a lot and still have a copy of that soundtrack!

Anika said...

I hadn't heard this. It does still remind me of the feeling of high school though, isn't that odd??

PS- they look way more Punk Rock in their photo...actually they don't even look like the same people. Were they older in the video? Is that it?