January 19, 2011

Weekly Confessional

this is what the side of my bed looks pretty much all of the time

Since the holiday this week the regularly scheduled Weekly Confessional is coming on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. If you couldn't tell already.

I woke up Saturday morning to this note sitting on a stack of magazines all spread out on the coffee table.

I think I need to take a hint...maybe. I've expressed my obsession with magazines before on here but they're beginning to takeover the house. I can't bare to throw them out if I haven't gone through them to cut out pictures that I like for my so-called art projects. I just can't do it. I need an intervention.


You do NOT want to see the stack in the bathroom.


Jen said...

omg I have the same problem. I got rid of a lot of them recently after I looked through them and cut out stuff for a vision board.

Anika said...

You could TOTALLY NEEEEED those one day for projects. I vote for keeping at least some of them. I have the same prob...errr, "preference" and I make it look like less of a problem by keeping them nicely organized. I end up referencing them some time. I would totally sympathize if this was a problem but since it's not I won't.