September 2, 2010

All That Darn Yarn

The only other woman (besides Daisy) who truly gets me in this world just started her own online business making the most adorable baby crocheted hats. If you have kids or any that are in your life that you tend to like you gotta check out her site and pick one out for them. It's called All That Darn Yarn! Check it!

i wish my big head would fit in one of them

She is the coolest too. She is a mom to two handsome boys and her husband is the bass player for Smal Town Trap. I'm very lucky to have her in my life. We get along pretty well considering we don't agree on some things but we don't let stupid things get in the way. We both hate people and love gossiping about everyone we went to school with. She remembers everyone's names and never forgets a face and constantly has to remind me who people are. We're not the type of besties who talk all day on the phone and go shopping together or get our nails done. We have our own ways. In fact we make fun of people who use the word "bestie". 

These pictures are really old. I was a lot thinner too. I can tell. Boo. She still looks as young and thin to this day. The bottom pic is from my wedding where she was my ONLY made of honor/bridesmaid.

These pictures also have a funny story to them. We were being kind of jackasses.
The title of them is "Funniest Girls I Know" (sorry inside joke)


Jennikunz said...

omg! I'm crying. who needs to talk on the phone and shop all day?? Damnit I love you Bray!!!

Natalie Lynne ♥ said...

girl I love your blog its awesome!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Love ya Jennikunz!

Thanks Natalie that really means a lot!