September 15, 2010


This is pretty fucking random this week.

Love this, found here

And this, found here

And this, found here

In love with Florence right now. I pretty much want red hair now. Pics found via a slick google images search.


Oh Honestly Erin said...

I love that top picture so hard.

Florence + the Machine is one of those things where I only sort of liked it when I first heard it awhile back. Didn't really stick with me. It wasn't until I saw her sing live that I was really struck by how powerful her voice is. She's a true gem.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Totally agree with you re: Florence. Seeing her live (happens with so many other bands too) changed it a lot for me. She kicks ass.

motherxoxoxo said...

go red!! that would be aWESOME!!