September 22, 2010

I'll start fights with bitches..."You don't know me!"

The other night when I was watching the news about the fire I was continually distracted. The news reportesr kept saying "the situation" and every time I couldn't help but think of that douche bag on The Jersey Shore with the plastic abs that I can only assume is lame even though I've never seen a single episode. That might be because we don't have cable. If we did, who knows maybe I'd be their biggest fan. When I think about it though, the fact that I know so much about these assholes and I've never even watched the show tells you how overly saturated it has become. I see them everywhere and know all of their dumb-ass names. I hate this. Aren't there any other people in "reality" that we can base a show off of? I have a big mouth!!!  AND I can be loud as hell!!! I'll start fights with bitches if I have to. I want my own show.

I can just see it now. What will Brandy and Tyrone have for dinner tonight? or Who will out throw up the other one; Tyrone or Frederick? Will they take him out to poop in the front or back of their apartment complex? And how long will Frederick do the poopie dance before he finally lets the damn load go? And how much will this annoy Brandy and Tyrone? What jokes will they make while watching their mutt spin around and back and forth while he's trying to take a shit?

It would be pretty entertaining. And I could find ways to spice it up even more. I could make even more crafts and crotchet even more things that won't sell if they needed me to. I am so game for that.

When MTV actually calls me you will all be jealous and I'll be doing the I told ya so dance on the red carpet at some premier I got invited to because I am now famous for NOTHING.
I will admit, honestly, that when we did have cable I was all over Keeping up with the Kardashians which probably isn't any better. I miss watching Ozzy Osbourne drool all over himself while he sits in his living room yelling at Sharon. Now that was a reality TV show.



My friends and I used to play drinking games while watching the Osbournes lol ...whomever couldn't interpret what ozzy was saying had to take a shot! ...double if he says Sharron! lol

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Sounds like my kind of drinking game.