September 19, 2010

I am the God of Hellfire! And I bring you FIIIAAH!!

We took this on our way home from my nephews birthday party. The fire burning in this picture, as I type, is "burning out of control" a direct quote form Nineveh Dinha our local hottie-Kardashian-look-a-like news anchor.

I'm actually pretty nervous about this because we have relatives who live over there and they have evacuated over 1,200+ homes in Herriman. I didn't even know Herriman's population was that high to be honest. I can hear the wind blowing outside like crazy; it's very loud. Fire and wind do not mix. I'm sending positive thoughts their way. The news guys keep mentioning that a fire fighter was bitten by a horse. I'm trying not to laugh at that but that's the only news they have so that's what they keep reporting on. Seriously.

Good night.

Tomorrow will be another fall/halloween DIY post!

Update: They named the fire The Machine Gun fire. Oh dear.


Kristen said...

The Machine Gun fire? That sounds not so good.

Awesome picture, though.

Dillon and Cherice Snyder said...

thanks for your concern! we sat and watched the fire burn last night for an hour or so. we got evacuated this morning. it was insane to watch - i took some pictures but they didn't turn out very good because of all the smoke. but only 4 homes burned to the ground and i think our house will be okay at least if it did burn we have our house in american fork now. and we need to go to a haunted house! are you guys going to do anything fun for halloween?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

I'm glad to hear you guys are okay Cherice. That sucks that you got evacuated. This shit was craaaazy dawg!