September 9, 2010

Franklin's Flashy Black Bean Burgers

Easy as uno, dos, tres
(that's one, two three in spanish Mom)

Morning Star Black Bean Burgers
Mayo - the real kind, none of this miracle whip crap
Red Onion
Mulit Grain Sandwich Thins
Mustard (if you're like Tyrone)

fry frozen patties in pan or cook in toaster oven

spread mayo (and/or mustard) on sandwich thins with sliced red onions

eat it

You can of course try this in any way, mix it up with any kind of fixin's that tickle your fancy. If you put too much thought into this post then you probably guessed that these aren't very flashy, in fact they're probably more plain than anything. They don't taste plain at all. I will say that a nice juicy pickle would have been perfect with this. I posted this because we have had this twice for dinner this week. I am now addicted. It makes me happy when I find something semi-healthy that I can choke down.

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