September 28, 2010

Weekly Confessional

Photo Editing. I rarely ever don't do it. I always retouch the lines in my forehead, zap out blemishes and if my scar on the left hand side of my face is showing I take that out. I don't edit the scar out because I am ashamed of it I just think it looks awkward in photos. Sometimes it just looks like a black line on my face like my nephew took a pen and drew on my face with it. I never have to use the retouch on Ty - I hate him. He never has anything I need to "make look better" I'm not exactly against the magazines doing this to famous people either. I do have a problem when they totally change obvious things like by making them look a lot skinnier or taking every single wrinkle out but taking out some stretch marks or blemishes doesn't bother me. I thought it would be fun to show some before and after photos of us. Some of them aren't super obvious but you can tell a little what has been change. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to take the double chin out.

No makeup before and after. You can see my scar a little better here and all of the sun damage on my forehead and the acne scars on my cheek.


Kristen said...

You've got more balls than me!

I hate being married to a prettier man. He's on the heavy side otherwise has his dark Hispanic features and big brown eyes. Bastard.

memaw said...

you dont need any photo editing!!! you are beautiful xoxo

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Kristen - I wish I was born with brown skin. I'm not gonna lie. They seem to have less skin issues and it's just overall nicer on the eyes. They are so lucky!!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Mom!!!