September 26, 2010

Coffee Addict

It's official I've replaced my former Red Bull addiction with coffee. I know this is true because I'm drinking a cup at 1:00 am and it's NOT decaf. Hell no! I wouldn't choke that shit down if someone had Frederick's ears in a vice threatening me with stretching them out if I didn't swallow! (okay it's late and that last part sounded dirty...if you know what I mean...swallow? ha!) Also, when you see actors on television drinking a hot cup of coffee and you think to yourself, "Hot dog! That looks so good" and awake from your daydream to find your dog licking the saliva from your chin - that is how you know you're an addict.

This morning I got up at a decent time and edited a gabillion photos, cleaned and made some whipped cream to go in my coffee. The messiest cup of joe I've ever had. It was the only thing my body needed all day until about five this afternoon and I inhaled a Five Guys burger. Man those things are good but they sit with you for hours. I hate their french fires - I just had to get that out.

I didn't get very far on the cleaning if you were wondering. I'm way too easily distracted. I did finish a cool halloween costume DIY project that I plan to post on October 1st to ring in the BEST MONTH IN THE WORLD!! I have also decided that in October I am going to post about a few of our fun Halloweens before we were married. This year will be our first Halloween as betrothed couple. The year we decided to stop having premarital sex

Next week you can expect:

Monday: DIY
Tuesday: Weekly Confessional
Wednesday: Inspiration
Thursday: I don't know yet...
Friday: If you're lucky a Junk Hunt post

There will more than likely be the unscheduled post that pops up. I just might mess with you all and mix the entire schedule up.

I shouldn't write this late/early.

The Giveaway ends Tuesday, so if you haven't entered you better do it with the quickness!

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Angela said...

I'm reading this post while drinking my own cup of coffee, but as soon as I saw your cup, all I could think of is how much better you coffee looks than mine! Yum!

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

It was definitely an indulgence. I usually just put creamer in mine.