September 2, 2010

picture overhaul - more pics from the other morning

these are all random shots form the morning of the alley and impromptu photo shoot downtown

I have a really strange fascination with old street signs and stars so I'm really liking this sign a lot. I would love to see it in my future living room some day. I have four stars tattooed on my back that I always forget about because I can't see them. My next tattoo will be visible that is for sure.

this door really draws me in

During the week there are always people just chilling on these chairs.

some musicians walking to a gig I snuck a shot of them

I pass this every day on my way home from work and I always say to myself, "who the fuck is Street Jesus?"
Three pics of this sign might be a little excessive but I just love this sign. It sits in the middle of a super busy intersection and I always picture people driving by slapping the stickers to it hanging out their car windows.


Vapid Vixen said...

I JUST took a picture last weekend of the "What would street Jesus do" and had the very same thought. Who the hell is street Jesus? Don't know. But I believe I would like to meet him. And I've totally reached out my car window and tried to peel some of those stickers off. Fort Union isn't it?

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Great minds think alike Dawn - you and I have always been like this (er...?) JK And yes that street sign is in Fort Union - I love that you recognize it.