September 28, 2010


Last week I drove down to my parent's to help my mom make salsa. They grew a whole bunch of tomatoes, which is something they do every year, and decided this year was the year something would be done with all the extra tomatoes they had. We were on the search for a recipe that night (no thanks to Twitter) and finally found the best recipe we could have gotten our hands on from our family friend Maria. She had an authentic Mexican food recipe that was a lot of work but we pulled it off quite nicely.

We turned the ingredients pictured above plus a few others into this

I'm so proud of us. It was one of the coolest things I've done lately. We also ate BLT's minus the lettuce and drank throw back Pepsi. It was such a nice evening. Loved it! Our share of the sals is gone. It didn't last very long at all.

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Kristen said...

Nathan makes homemade salsa every time he can get his hands on some green chile (which isn't so often in Iowa). He just puts stuff in and tastes it add some more tastes, etc. so no recipe I could steal for you.

Silly New Mexico boy married a very Midwestern, meat and potatoes girl. I'm slowly getting use to a bit of spice - slowly.

mommy said...

it was a way fun nite xoxo lv ma

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Kristen - I bet that salsa is so good!! I think dishes turn out the best when you play them by ear - recipes are just guidelines in my book!

You don't have green chile's in Iowa much?