January 7, 2010

Zonya's Health Bites Really Bites

{Found this pic on Flickr here}

I will just start right off by saying that I am going file this one in the Never Say Never file. This file has grown increasingly as the years fly by.

So, I use to watch PBS and KUED every Saturday when I had television. I watched all of the cooking and travel shows religiously. My favorite show was Everyday Foods and Katie Brown Workshop and in order to see these I had to sit through a half hour of Zonya’s Health Bites. Well I say that I had to do this as if someone was putting a knife up to my throat making me do it but I knew I could change the channel at any time. I kind of enjoyed watching it because it provided some amusement in making fun of her over-flowing joy that she found in everything. I guess it was some strange form of masochism. And even though I enjoyed making fun of her little tid-bits I was definitely listening. One of her many annoying tid-bits and or health bites she would usually harp on in every episode was suggesting eating fruit in the afternoon instead of sugar filled crap to get over the 3pm slump most people feel every day. I am so very much this person and every time she mentioned eating fruit in the afternoon which is usually when I was eating chocolate or drinking a Red Bull, I would yell at the television about how IMPOSSIBLE and ABSURD it was to be able to do it. “Come on Zonya! Let’s get real, you’re being totally ridiculous with your fruity ideas and completely cracked out smile.” I’m still convinced that she does more than the au natural to keep her zippy personality going. NO ONE IS THAT EXCITED ABOUT EATING AND EXCERCISING ALL OF THE TIME.

I didn’t start this post off with the intensions of ripping Zonya a new one. I wanted to say that I am going to try this whole eating fruit in the afternoon thing to see if it really works. I’ll keep you posted.

{I mean really, who is ever that chipper while holding broccoli?}

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Brittany said...

LOL!! I love it! I SO agree with you! Let me know how that eating fruit in the afternoon thing goes! I'll stick to my chocolate!