January 24, 2010

Giveaways and whatever

Some of you may have noticed that the winner of our giveaway was someone very close to me but it was a total coincidence. I was planning on doing a video of the drawing and since I am new to this whole thing I chose not to use one of those random number generators, but I could not get the video to work properly. So, the pics I took would have to suffice and leave room for shit loads of speculation. Plus I was really glad that it was someone I know.

I am a big advocate of supporting our friends and family in what they do whether it is art, music, small businesses, etc. So you may see a lot more of that on here in the future. I believe in supporting my loved ones and people I know rather than just some bloke I would never look twice at on the street.

That sounded really snobby.

A new feature I would like to add to the blog are little tid-bits of inspiration that give me that little push to get through the work week or give me that boost to jump in to a new project; Just something that I want to start sharing more of. You can count on seeing those on Wednesdays.

Oh and the damn tunnel scarf I’ve been mentioning is ALMOST finished. What kinds of black magic are these people using that can bust 1 or more of these suckers out in one evening? I would like to get in with that circle.

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