January 31, 2010


Last Wednesday I took the day off and went to Sundance in Park City with my MIL and SIL. We had a lot of fun walking around and checking out the shops and art galleries. We ate at the Main Street Pizza & Noodle Company. We didn’t have a problem getting in any where to eat or have a drink at all. I was told not to bother trying to get even a cup of coffee on Main Street because it would be so busy. I think it was because we went during the day in the middle of the week that it wasn’t too bad. I do not, however, have a single celebrity spotting to report.

For the record, I think Sundance is lame. I do love Park City though.

Supposedly this was done by Banksy the most famous street artist now days. It does look like his work and would be totally cool if it was. I have always wanted to see some of his work in person. So if it his work then I pretty excited to have gotten a shot of it. We have a book of his work but nothing is as cool as the real thing. This is painted on the wall of the alley next to the Java Cow on Main Street. There also suppose to be a rat somewhere that he did too which I didn't see.

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