May 7, 2010

Because it's Green!

In hopes of putting some balance back into our lives to counteract all of the crap we shovel into our bodies, we have started to drink more Naked juices. We have actually started a pretty nice habit of this. I have tried many of them and have not had one that I didn't like but I NEVER would try the green machine superfood one. The only reason is because it was green. It looks like diarrhea from a cow. Drinking what looks like green slime did not appeal to me but does bring me to a funny story from back in the day. I was boating with my friend and her family in Utah Lake. And if you're from UT you know that it is not known for its majestic views or beautiful blue water. It's green. As a child I hated getting in it so bad because I couldn't stand how green it was. This one day in particular just seemed more green than usual to me and so there for I wouldn't get in and in all my naivety when I was asked as to why I wouldn't all I could say was, "Because it's Green!!" and my friend in all of her smart-ass glory grabbed her towel and as she proceeded to throw it at me she said, "So you're scared of the water because it's green? Well, are you scared of my towel TOO because it's GREEN?" The laughter coming from our boat was so loud I think they heard it in Ogden.


I realize this story probably isn't as funny to you as it is to me. That moment in time has sure burned a hole in my memory though.

On the front of the green machine Naked juice bottle it says: looks weird, tastes amazing. See, they even have reservations about how it looks. It does taste nearly amazing :)


I am proud to say that it has been a good solid 8 months or so since I've had a Red Bull. Go me!

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