May 24, 2010

This weekend

was spent...
Strollin' the SLC Fashion Stroll (not impressed) Thank God the Gallery Stroll was going on at the same time. I will say that some of the local vendors (some ladies booths) were pretty cool. I saw some INCREDIBLEY cool feather earrings that I have always wanted to make but never did. Ya snooze, ya lose! I have a small dream to bring back feather roach clips from the 70"s & 80's. You know how they use to wear them in their hair when they weren't using them for receational purposes? Yeah those. I love' em.
Hiding out like hermits and watching The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It just seemed apropos considering the extremely rainy weather we have had. It's always baffeling to us Utahans when we get this much rain seeing as how we live in the dessert. We can usually be caught doing rain dances in our backyards praying for rain because we are always in a "drought". But seeing as how we can never be satisfied all we have done is complain about it and to push our seasonal affective disorders over the edge Mother Nature laughed at our misery and made it snowed like crazy this morning on the way to work. What a bitch!!
Saturday evening we had Onlo's famous spaghetti dinner with the fam. My dad makes the B.E.S.T. spaghetti. I dare anyone to try and do better. We ended the evening watching SNL - I am a die hard fan and always have been - even in their bad times. It reminds me of the fun I use to have doing sketches with my drama team.
Sunday was jam packed of shopping and cleaning. I found some cool vintage pieces at Savers, we tried getting some Old Navy flip-flops but they were sold out, and we spent a few hours at IKEA. We even ate lunch at IKEA because we haven't done that yet and tried their famous swedish metaballs and lindonberry dish. It was really good. I got a cool little cabinet in their AS-IS section that was marked down. Gangsta! We cleaned our apartment like cracked out maids - it feels so good to do that sometimes. You should have seen our place before it was really nasty. Have you seen the commercial that shows the really messy 17 year old's bedroom that plays 16 going o 17 from the Sound of Music? We laugh at it because our apartment looks like that most days and we are definitely not 16 or even close to being 17. Ha!
The pic above was taken with my phone in my parent's yard. I just thought it was really beautiful.
Happy Monday! If you can try...
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