May 18, 2010

Weekly Confessional with Accompanying Rant

Getting really sick of all the “When are you going to have kids?” questions from every body and their dogs. Usually questions from dogs don’t bother me seeing as how I usually prefer them to their human masters but when they’re intrusive questions about when we plan to conceive I get a little sensitive.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone doesn’t know how much trouble we have had trying to conceive (and not even close to as much trouble as other couples out there are having – I do recognize this) so I try not to get too annoyed.

It’s becoming more and more frequent that we are being asked.

I have tried to think back over my life to try and remember a time when I asked a married couple that question and I couldn’t recall a single one, especially asking a couple who hasn’t even been married for one year (our one year anniversary is next month). Now I understand that according to the unwritten but highly mentioned Utah Conceptions Laws I am way behind due to my age so I guess there is another reason not to get so annoyed by the sheltered, judgmental jerk who asks me, but in all honestly I just want to say, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!! Is there nothing else you can ask? I do have a pretty busy job, I make lots of crafts, take pretty decent photos, I manage a blog, my husband is the drummer of a band, I have an adorable dog, we go to a nice share of concerts and am regularly hanging out with my awesome family & friends.


Of course, if I actually said any of that to someone’s face I would be accused of being a bitch (wouldn’t be the first time and DEFINITELY will not be the last). Because in this lovely state that I am happy to be a resident of, you don’t actually tell people what you’re truly feeling. You’re suppose to act nice and fake it till you get that gold star on your forehead that you’ve been promised your whole life you’ll get. Amen.

Now, I have been married before (I may dive into that on here later on or I may just leave it at that) and should have expected this question but usually I don’t get so bothered by it. It is just that lately it seems like the questions are becoming more frequent as if the entire world has a reminder set on their calendars that my biological clock is ticking and they feel the need to remind me of this JUST IN CASE I FORGOT. Right, like I could easily forget something like that. I mean I do forget to feed Frederick a lot and never seem to remember to do it until he has scratched so deep into the linoleum on the kitchen floor that I trip over it on my way to grab a drink for myself after work (he’s pretty clever at trying to get my attention). I’m proud to report that I have finally established a habit of taking him out to go to the bathroom – Man, oh man was that starting to smell pretty bad!

Have a lovely day!

Overly Sensitive

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Strebel's said...

Joe and I used to get that question alot... even living in a Cali.. I finely go so sick of people asking me i came up with a few line my self.. if you want to borrow one you can..
"when the good lord brakes the condom"
"we have been trying for years"..
"I have two kids.. they are small furry and when i go on vacation it is why easy to find a sitter for them"
After hear these responses people usually quit asking..

Hope that made you smile :)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Aewsome Mandy!! LOL Thanks! You are funny. I miss your smart ass remarks. You always made me laugh at Zions. I'll have to start using some of those.

Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

Just respond with, "Actually, we've been trying to get pregnant for quite some time and haven't been able to get pregnant yet, thanks for asking."

I've seriously said this to people. We have been married for three years and I get this question more than I ever get asked anything else. We are definitely NOT trying, but I've found that if you tell them you've been trying and cannot get pregnant, they'll leave you alone. :)

I hate, hate, hate, hate this question more than anything! I feel you on this one. I can imagine as I get older it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...
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Jennikunz said...

I get this question often as well but mine is more like "isnt it time for another?" I took my YOUNGEST child who is 8 to get his haircut and the gal cutting his hair was trying to make small talk with my 8 year old.. it came up that he was the youngest in our family and the stylist looked at me and said "are you done having kids" HOW WEIRD!!?? I have never before seen this person she was some ramdon chick cutting my childs hair. HOW RUDE!!! Very rude. People shut up!

little ms. sassy shelby said...

Tell them that you don't want to get fat like them, and then walk away. Ha! I love you. Ignore these obnoxious people and squeeze Frederick a little tighter.