May 20, 2010

Belated Mothers Day

Introducing the Daisy Dictionary.

We are always making fun of the silly words my mom comes up with so I decided to put them all down in print. Ha!

I found the perfect book at the DI with the title The Book Nobody Knows from 1925 which is just awesome! I have no idea what it is about but it seemed kind weird from what I did read. Oh well, it fit for this project.

I also made both of our moms framed embroidered mom tattoos. The pics is not that good because I took it with my camera.
Some day I'll post the videos we made. I just can't get over how awesome they turned out.


Jennikunz said...

The Tullet.... I love when Daisy says that.... he he he he

Anonymous said...

awh brandy you and ty made me cry soo hard with your AWESOME gifts i loved them sooo much , i wuv u two xoxo lv ma