May 4, 2010

Weekly Confessional: Embracing (sigh) Pink

Notice: this is not in any way a pregnancy announcement.

My ma's gunna be so proud uh-me

The older I get (How many times has that sentence been said on here? 57 times is my guess) the more I am enjoying the color pink. In the past, just the sight of pink would make me have a seizer leaving my crotch wet running to the bathroom knocking down elderly & children in my path. I hated pink. (There you go Mom I just used the word hate in past tense when speaking of the color pink) I am beginning to embrace the idea of pink more and more. It has been a very slow progression. I started off in the 80's only liking neon pink but it wasn't until my late twenties that I accepted colors like fuscia, hot pink, cranberry, and magenta. My biggest influence was planning my wedding and seeing so many beautiful things done with it so much that I (Gasp!) incorporated the color into my wedding. Upon discovering the unnecessary rolling of the eyes anytime I was around the color pink I have gone off the deep end and begun embracing pale pink/baby pink/light pink.

{Mom? Are you still there? Can someone run over to my mother's house and help her up off of the floor? Because I am sure she just fainted after reading this.}

That formerly disgusting color was forced on me as a child and I have grown to rebel against it in any way I can. I have said a thousand times that "My child will NEVER wear pink!!" My mom would shrug and laugh at me and tell me, in her own rebellious way (I wonder where I get it from), that she would be forced to buy ALL PINK crap for her or him just to get under my skin. We have gone back and forth over this National Crisis a number of times leaving me threatening her with never being able to see them again until they were 18 and even in that event they will have grown up with such a biased opinion they will not want to see her.

Okay, that may have never come out of my mouth but it sounded good. Well...actually it might have. But in no way would I ever actualy go through with it.

I think my fondness of vintage design and colors has nudged me in a positive direction towards the color pink. And sites like Making it Lovely and the lovely Martha have contributed to it. (pics shown above are from both these sites)
All in all I can now say that I do not HATE the color pink any more.
I feel like such a grown up.


little ms. sassy shelby said...

hahaha! Brandy I love you. This post is so funny. I'm glad you're embracing the pink. It's a magical color.

zijafreak said...

hahah bubz you are so funny i love you, my pink lover girl ahha xoxoxoox you make me laugh