March 15, 2010

Utah Pride

As much as I complain about living here I actually do love it.
Here is my Pro-Utah list
Dipping everything in ranch dressing – totally not ashamed of this
Fry sauce

The mountains or as we call them "mou-uhns". I like that we don't pronounce the letter "t" in most words. I embrace laziness in all aspects especially speech.
It doesn’t get too hot or too cold here compared to a lot of other places
Local music scene
Downtown SLC - there are so many cool local shops and places to see and the WIDE variety of people who walk around on a daily basis is interesting - and yes, interesting in the strange but intriging way.
Park City except during Sundance.

Lagoon - besides all of the juggalos that show up it's super fun. Urban Dictionary defines it as this - Ty's preferred definition.

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