March 30, 2010

What a Blessing!

Our child turned 3 years old on March 13th. It’s no doubt we spoil him. I know there are some who cringe when I call him our child. “She has no idea what having a child is really like. She’s in for a big surprise!” Well I just have to stick my nose up to that and leave you to your superior lives.

I know I talk a lot about him on here but I’m not sure if I’ve even explained exactly why?

He came into our lives during a very difficult time. It was right after my first miscarriage. (This is totally off the subject but I can’t ever spell that damn word, thank God for spell check when I choose to use it.) Tyrone found him from this great family who lives in Roosevelt. Yes we got him from a breeder. For you liberal freaks you can just chill out alright? I’m not a big breeder supporter and we have chosen not to breed Frederick even though he is papered and a great looking boston for a male. We know we could make some decent money on the side but we have chosen not to go that route. We also haven’t had him fixed yet but the only sex he gets is with Mr. Bo Jangles when we’re at my family’s house and he is in fact fixed so I think we’re safe. I’ve had a few safe sex conversations with Fred to hold him off till we can afford to have him fixed. It honestly just has not been a priority but definitely is in the plans. This isn’t what I wanted to talk about.

Frederick is our little angel and even more so now since he survived being bulldozed by a car. He honestly is lucky to be alive – we are lucky to still have him here. He filled a very huge void we were feeling when we lost our first baby. By the time we lost our second baby he was ready to ride in on his steed and rescue our wounded hearts. He feels our pain and knows when to lick our tears. He is not oblivious or selfish. He is our constant companion and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I will give the world to anyone or anything that comes in to my life and blesses it the way that he does.

So for all you naysayer’s – you can suck it.


Strebel's said...

I love him too.. I think he is so cute... Spoil him why you can, because when you do have that cute baby you been waiting for... He will take a back seat... but until then brag on...

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Thanks Mandy that means so much that someone else out there understands.

Anonymous said...

thats my grandpuppy freddy oxxo