March 11, 2010

They're just bloated

I just have to share this as a follow up to this little prayer.

I hit a pot-hole on Monday and not one of the many tire flattening ones in our apartment’s parking lot.

I doubted the plan today. It happened after reading through some of the MANY blogs in my Google Reader; most of them written by women that do very creative awesome things that I love but when I came across the THIRD girl announcing her pregnancy I almost head-butted my computer screen. I had to reach out immediately to my BFF in all her glory.

Our conversation went as follows over email (with a few minor adjustments):

Me: Can I cry for a sec?

I just want to scream and kick and cry and punch baby kitties.

So a few of the girls that I read their blogs are prego and that's fine and all but I just read that a THIRD girl is pregnant and now I am sad because I may have to discontinue following them since it makes me too JEALOUS!!


BFF: Oh that sucks! I'm sorry babe! Pregnant girls suck. Don't think of them as prego, think of them as chicks with swollen feet and bad gas.

{This pretty much was exactly what I needed to hear.}


BFF: I love you!!

{about an hour later}

Me: Make that FOUR pregnant bitches.


BFF: who else?

Not pregnant though remember... fat, sweating, swollen, gassy, moody, sick to stomach urchins.

Me: you're killing me today


*She went on to tell me what I needed to hear and that I do deserve to be a mom someday and that I will be a damn fine one too. She ended with one final reminder: They aren't pregnant, just bloated!

*I want to thank those of you who left the sweetest comments - you're the best and I just love ya!

And later tonight I will hopefully posting a recipe we tried Oscar night. Cross your fingers I can get online.


Vapid Vixen said...

One question...where do I find a BFF like yours? My cubie-mate just announced she's going to be bloated for the next 9 months. I'm sure my smile/grimace/cringe of jealousy was painfully transparent. OH. And my youngest...YOUNGEST sister is due next week with her second. OK. Two questions...this one serious. How do you handle this and still be happy for them?

Brandy-son Zen Master Flash said...

I got lucky with my BFF because I am not a friendly person at all and don't care for other females too much.

It's hard dealing with others around you being bloated especially younger siblings. (I can't spell) My younger brother has a baby and sometimes it's hard but when I get to kiss his chubby cheeks it's worth it. I just take it day by day and try and be patient. Although most of the time I want to rip some heads off.

Jennikunz said...

I'm gassy today. Not prego however!
Your BFF sounds HILARIOUS! Super stellar! Her BFF is pretty cool too though! And she knows it!

Brandy-son Zen Master Flash said...

Oh Jennikunz....the glory that is you.