March 15, 2010

Sh*t continues to hit the face

Poo just doesn’t hit the fan around our place it just goes straight for the face. Let’s be honest, we’re getting a little tired of flossing poo out of our teeth. Yes, I said teeth because I am sadly a mouth breather and not just because I have allergies from hell but because I prefer it to the nose. Therefore when poo was flung straight for the kisser my mouth was naturally open.

{Who in their right mind prefers breathing through their mouth rather than their nose? Maybe someone that isn’t in their right mind? – ME!}

The Hub received news today that he will be losing his job in the next 60-120 days. I know, I know its better that they tell us now than having them side-line us with no notice at all. Oh! The bright side! How freaking lovely thou art!

In my attempt to be less dark & twisty I am going to look at it as a delay to our hopes and dreams rather than taking my dull scissors to my wrists. Delaying things…I can grasp a hold of that concept for now but that’s all I can do at this point.

In fears of losing readers because the ambience of this blog has just gotten too depressing I am going to post something on the brighter side soon. I promise!

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Anonymous said...

sometimes you think people seem like they have been dealt enough ,at least by my standards, but then more crap happens and ya say God, really how much do they need to carry ,God cant ya please deal out some blessings please,i know i understand nothing at this point in your lives ,of course as you already know , God of course does,even without me saying it i know you know that , so all i can say is ... this really does SUCK!!! God really it does , i dont know what they will learn from this and/or how much they can handle , i feel so much of not a help at all as to what to comfort my daughter with,again as all i know to say is i wish to take you to a hill far away and keep you safe and warm where nothing can ever hurt you again , but at this too i fail , cuz i cant, do that in reality,i can keep prayin thats all i really got... im sorry i dont got more...i love you two to pieces....i am here for hugs and luv too,as a mom whos heart is breakin apart for you two, i love you two from the bottm of my heart!!!!