March 12, 2010


Frederick's new nickname is Killer!

Our new neighbor across the hall from us is scared of Frederick, our 18 lb dog. I'm not talking about the kind of "scared" that really means she just doesn't like dogs I mean she is TERRIFIED of him. She has a horrible phobia of all dogs. She moved into the wrong complex - there are dogs in almost every apartment with puppy poo stations on every damn corner.

One night she screamed at me as she was walking up from behind us one middle of the night to make sure I was holding him. He was completely oblivious to her not even trying to attack her and possibly oh I don't know lick her face off? I was taken back because I didn't see her since she was BEHIND us that it took me a few minutes to figure out what her problem was. You know we, being the people that we are, didn't just apologize and pick him up so she could walk by we literally laughed and mocked her. That's what normal people do right?

Anyways, I drew the picture above in honor of my killer pooch. He can lick my face off anytime.

He does seem pretty terrifying.

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