March 22, 2010

Make Your Life A Dream

That's right, I walked into Cal Ranch and bought ONE horseshoe. Just one? Yes, just ONE. For my one legged horse. Thanks!!

Of course it was just for one of my crazy ideas. I've had this idea floated around in the old melon for weeks now and finally decided to just do it. It doesn't need much explaining I just took a horseshoe and painted it one of my favorite colors. I need a little daily reminder and this was the thing that was going to do it for me. A reminder for me to make my own luck and to do the things I need to do to reach my goals. So I hung it up where I could see it all of the time. (I think this may be a future tattoo.) I just feel drawn to horseshoes lately - Don't ASK! I can't never fully explain what goes on in my brain and I'm pretty sure you NEVER want me to go there.