March 5, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

We actually went to the midnight showing of Alice in Wonderland this morning or last night or whatever...I'm too tired to care. It was really good! Any movie that can keep my attention that late at night is worth the $10.50 we forked out of spontaneity. We, of course, saw it in 3D but honestly you don't have to do that to enjoy it. It's not like Avatar where if you didn't see it in 3D then we probably weren't blown away - this is not like that at all. I wasn't sure I wanted to go that late...early...AGAIN whatever! Despite how much my eyes are burning this morning I am glad we went. It was so good! I will say that I wasn't blown away but it still deserves a solid B. So now I'm a movie critic? Don't take my word for it - but I'm not usually wrong. Haha!

My favorite thing about the movie didn't have much to do with the story itself but the costume changes they had Alice go through every time she either shrunk or grew larger was totally awesome. The best dress she wears is when she was at the Red Queen's castle. Awesome! I would wear it every day if I could.

Alice in Wonderland is visual eye candy.

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