March 29, 2010

Spring is Here!

At least it is for me.

Here is an easy DIY for a spring wreathe. I needed to updated the wreathe that is usually hanging on our front door to something more fun.


Fabric scraps
Pom poms

Cut out a wreathe shape from cardboard. I used one large bowl to trace the outer circle and one small bowl to trace the inner circle.

Wrap ribbon and yarn in an alternating pattern all of the way around the wreathe using hot glue hold in place.

Now glue flowers made from felt, tee shirt or any kind of fabric scraps you have laying around and glue pom poms in funky patterns to fill in any gaps. You can do this project in so many different ways.

I also made some sugar cookies to go a long with my spring fever and listened to this while I worked.

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