March 2, 2010

your entrance was so bright and gander

you charmed us with your lies so tender

you rode in on your faded mare

and played us with your friendly dares

we’re trapped by your presence unable to speak of your essence

for speaking of your desperate state

we forfeit rights to our cognate traits

we’re silenced by fear of losing close bonds

I see you marinate in your pleasure pond

I’d like to send your way my gratitude

I’ve since been forced to check my attitude

I’ve searched inside the man in the mirror

to discover a world less bitter and more clearer

the poison that drips from your right fang

has slowly killed what the blue bird once sang

But your toxic bile has become my antidote

It has not all been a stream of baleful smoke

So I rest here in my probationary holding cell

{to be continued}

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Anonymous said...

omgosh did you write this , do i know who your talking about , hummm let me think ummm ..... very awesome writings bubz my poet