August 30, 2010

You get used to the smell of urine

I was a little scared at first but then the bully inside of me told me to grow up and reminded me that I was in Salt Lake City not Pakistan. The alleys in SLC are nothing compared to other places but if you look closely you can find pretty neat shit. I wanted to take some pictures of this alley for months now and I was finally able to do so. That means convincing Tyrone to go with me. I just wanted to take pics of the entrance but am really glad we walked all of the way through it. At first it is almost pitch black. In the pictures you can’t really tell because my camera lightened them up a bit. Afterwards we realized this was the exact alley our friend Uglysheep has taken some really great pics in. To prove how slow I am, it wasn’t until we were in the car and I was scrolling through what I had taken when I came to this picture of a telephone box that I said “Hey, I’ve seen a better version of this exact picture before.” Tyrone looked over at me just as the light bulb sounded, “Ding! Ding! Ding!”

I shouldn’t post these because it shows my lack of inexperience and reveals the shittiness that is my camera. But this is what I captured with my digital camera and I don’t think they are actually half bad.

This week I’m going to post the pictures I took in parts through out the week. It was nice to get out on a sunny Saturday morning and walk around downtown searching for some inspiration. I really wanted to be able to dot his before Fall & Winter set in and it starts getting dark too early and I turn into a complete hermit.

I always see this building and have dreamed of finding a way up that fire escape. It would be so rad to get up there and take some amazing pictures and hang off the top and yell “I HATE LACE-TRIMMED TANK TOPS!!” Tyrone jumped on board with trying to find out how we would pull this off. We walked around the entire block and through some of the alleys only to discover that it’s impossible with out breaking and entering one of the abandoned street front stores. The doors were all locked. I actually tried to open some – you never know. One of these days I’m going to have to get creative and try getting up there through the Braza grill or the Organic cafĂ© that sits on the same street.
This was as close as we could get.

If you feel so inclined check out more pictures of me pretending to be a photographer HERE

Alley Part 2 next


Oh Honestly Erin said...

I'm GLAD you posted these. They're great captures of urban landscape! Who cares if you're not a professional - it certainly doesn't show.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Oh man, that was really nice of you. Thanks so much!