August 1, 2010


This weekend was a bust and most of the previous week

I do have some obligatory photos to post and a whine session.  Photos to come this week.

Whine session starts now.

I got sick extremely early Friday morning and am still recuperating from it as we speak. I have not spent so much time wrapped around the toilet since I was a kid or even from a night of too much drinking - seriously. I would rather throw back a half a bottle of tequila minus the limes and salt than be this sick ever again. That is saying a lot because tequila is my nemesis. It's true what they say about Mexico and their drink of choice - serpents nectar!! Just the smell of it sends me heaving. I tried throwing back a shot of it a few weeks ago thinking that it had been long enough that I would be fine but as soon as that shit hit the back of my throat it came right back up and all over the kitchen sink and brought back some of my lunch from that day up with it. It's pure evil. Anyways, my mom got sick last week and we spent a few days with her thinking we would be fine. She thought she had food poisoning. Well it turns out she didn't and since I have a stellar immune system whatever it was attached itself to me. It completely sucked the life out of me. Not only did I get it but my brother and his family got it too. I'm crossing my fingers Tyrone doesn't get it. And since Ty was taking such good care of me Frederick must have been jealous of the attention because he decided to eat about 15 fudge stripped cookies and puked the rest of the night all over the living room and kitchen. Ty dealt with a lot of vomit this weekend. He's a trooper.

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