August 25, 2010

the face of pure evil

It’s quite deceiving this face, in fact I get so caught up in it’s manipulating mind control that I forget what it is capable of.

Last week he was apparently pissed off at us for throwing his toy only 10,000 times instead of 100,000 times.

Monday – we left to the store and came back to garbage all over the living room floor to discover we left the laundry room door open where they garbage can is. Usually this is not a problem but I thought maybe we should start shutting the door.

Wednesday – we came home from work to more garbage on the living room floor and since I couldn’t image my naive puppy would have gotten in the trash can again I immediately wondered if Tyrone had left the door open so that the neighborhood vagrant could escape the heat of the hot day from sleeping on the streets to enjoy our nicely air conditioned apartment. Nice gesture but it’s not good for my couch. We obviously didn’t learn from Monday’s experience and completely forgot to shut the laundry room door again.

Thursday – The very next day I came home from work thinking we were totally safe from a garbage filled living room which in fact we were and I was really proud of our efforts to remember to shut the damn door until I walked into the bedroom to discover that the little monster had out-smarted us and flung garbage all over the bedroom floor from the garbage can in there. I almost started cleaning it but left it for Tyrone to witness. Tyrone came home and mentioned that he had thrown up in the garbage can a couple days earlier. Guess who cleaned up the garbage in the bedroom? Who the hell throws up in a small garbage next to your bed and doesn’t think to do anything with it? I guess it shows what a pig I am too since I didn’t notice the smell for two days. Awesome.

You can see above he was in a timeout – or what I like to call “get on that motherfucking cushion right now and don’t move till I tell you to.”

I’m going to be such a good mom someday.


Kristen said...

Is that all it takes to get a timeout in your house!? Jeez you're strict! ;-)

And the thing with the garbage can? Yeah, ick. Even when I was throwing up from a little too much drinky-drink (1 time, really, just once) I cleaned the trash can. Okay, I actually ended up dumping it all over the bathroom floor, but the intention was there!

g-ma bennett said...

hahahahahahahaha ohhh bad doggy mabe grandma should let him stay at her house for a day on the lease outside, xoxoxo