August 7, 2010

It was the LA Gears that did it for me

Small Town Trap plays small town bar. It's a little too perfect, right? The show was incredible. There were a lot of things to distract me from the anxiety of bumping in to someone I know from the good old days. Barf! Like the waitress wearing LA Gears with an acid wash jean skirt and a random patron wearing a white tank top tee with fringe. You know the kind you made yourself in the 80's? When you were TWELVE? Or in the EIGHTIES?? THE. EIGHTIES. Not 2010.

You can just go ahead and excuse the over excessive use of CAPS LOCK in this post.

They played so well I almost cried. ALMOST but not really even close. I was proud to hear Spencer (lead singer) finally use his diaphragm, it almost distracted me from pretending he was Ed the lead singer from Collective Soul while they covered Why Pt. 2. ALMOST. It was nice to let loose a little and mosh around with my brother and everyone else on the dance floor which was ALMOST on the same level as the stage. ALMOST. And since our front room has been occupied by a set of drums the last few weeks I had a hard time simply enjoying the show instead I was paying attention to every rudiment and peradiddle (totally butchering the drum terminology here. I can hear Tyrone cringing in his sleep).

It still feels like four hours ago when I was making fun of the town drunk because he got in a fight with the bartender and stormed out. I feel bad for whoever's uncle that is. "OH WAIT that's my uncle!"

In between sets I even heard Peter Gabriel playing and I flashed back to our family vacations where my dad would blast his Secret Love tapes the entire time. It was funny watching my dad have a shit fit over some guys' gages in his ears but I did see him nod his head a couple of times during Dacho's set. It was ALMOST a head bang. ALMOST. Dacho, by the way, rocked the house (yes I just typed out rocked the house) with their cleverly titled track Dark Side of the Hive - about living in UT if you didn't catch that. I love it! They have an album that is good too. Someday STT will have one of those to promote. Someday. MAYBE...or I guess this is about the time I should be typing ALMOST. This ALMOST makes sense. I am suppose to the supportive wife. During one part of the show I had my face glued to my phone and Tyrone had to text me to get my attention. I am supportive, I swear.

Best line I heard, from the lead of Dacho, I went to a Small Town Trap show and all I got was this STT.

Get it? It's a play on STD. Did you slow people get that?

When we were driving home we passed Pinky's topless bar. It's impossible not to pass considering it's literally right next to our apartment building. I was day dreaming of STT playing there someday. I just want to go in there ONCE, just one time to see what it's like. I hear they have a fabulous Sunday brunch. The many cars lined up down the street seem to agree.

These are going to be good stories to tell the kiddies some day.

And next weekend we get to do this all again. It's going to be AWESOME! They open for The Clicks.

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The pics were taken with my camera phone. They are awful but I was too lazy to charge my camera battery. Also forgive the formatting on this whole post. It was 3am when I posted it.


Grace said...

Congratulations to them! By the way, I'm from the same town as Collective Soul. Got to interview Will Turpin last month for a magazine. He's a very nice guy.

Just so you know, your button at the LBS Tea Party isn't working. I think the URL was typed in wrong.

Have a great Saturday.

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Oh thanks for the heads up on the linky not working. I'll fix it...I'll try to fix it.

I AM SO JEAJOUS that you interviewed Will from Collective Soul. They are one of my all time favorites. I never miss a show (at least I try not to) when they come to town.

Man I can't get over how jealous I am right now.