August 26, 2010

Mi mi mi mix mix mixta mi mixtape

Man! I hate scratched CD's.
I have really enjoyed hearing what music you're all listening to.


Here is what is on repeat on my mixtape. I roll old school style with the cassette tapes. Not really, but I do rock an old school first edition Classic video iPod that is so out of date that it won't play videos anymore. That's fine though, I only need it for the music anyways. One day I'll upgrade. My mother in law has a Nano that shoots video that I'm jealous of. It can do way more than mine. Now, granted mine can hold thousands of more songs but hers is like the younger, more flexible, sexier version that a 57 year old rich man would seek for his fourth trophy. Mine is the frumpy, chubby one who won't even try to touch her toes. Lazy bitch!

The Smiths

Lykke Li


Gogol Bordello

Peirce the Veil


Passion Pit

Scissor Sister


You can see just how all-over-the-place I am with my music but it fits my brain functionality quite fantastically thank you very much.

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