August 27, 2010


I put a lot of thought into my branding every day and I will admit that this is the part about starting a small (very, tiny small) business that I love to do. I'm still working on some killer biz cards and right now they are simple. I thought about keeping it basic and just leaving my blog name and URL on them and that's it. Because you can find my shop and contact me from there. But now I am re-thinking all of that. I have been sticking with the whole flag thing and have decided to wrap any inventory that I sell in basic white packaging. I like putting little surprises in them too. I am still working on merchandise tags but these simple ones in the below pics I like for now. I had some trouble making stamps last Friday night but I finally got one done and I think it's just about how I wanted it.

Making the stamps was super easy. I'll post a DIY on them next week.

The Giveaway ends tomorrow!


Kendahl, Stepmom Extraordinaire said...

I love making stamps! We got to make gigantic stamps for an art class once (like, 2 feet by 3 feet) and then stamp them all over the floor, and it was awesome.

Josh Healy said...

Hi, hope it's OK to contact you here. We would love to include your blog on our giveaway search engine: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested, use our online form to add your blog ( ). thanks, Josh

Katie said...

this is cool! I have actually never made a stamp before. makes me want to try it!
I just wanted to give a quick thanks for following my blog. I hope to do lots of up to date and picture posts soon!