August 27, 2010

Dog Lake & last weekend

Last Thursday night I told Tyrone "I am NOT doing a darn thing this entire weekend. Seriously, all I want to do is sit home and crotchet."

Friday - thrifting & stamp making (typing that felt funny)
Saturday - downtown photo adventure early morning and hiking 5-6 miles (best of both worlds)
Sunday - cleaning, grocery shopping, maybe this day wasn't that busy (we almost went to Oktoberfest)

The hike Saturday was nice, we went up to dog lake with Tyrone's mom and Frederick. Since I don't work out regularly I had a bit of a hard time with my black lung and all. I think we were all feeling it. The year before when we hiked it I think we did better. Hiking later in the day was really nice. It wasn't hot at all but it was almost too dark on the hike back down and we didn't bring a flash light with us (stupid city folk). I felt exhilarated afterwards. I had gotten in some photos that day of things downtown I have been wanting to get and then finished the day off with some fresh mountain air. That sounds cheesy but it's true. Next week I'll be posting the pictures I took downtown in a few different posts a long with a recipe, DIY, possibly another giveaway and some other random shit.

Happy Friday - isn't always unless someone dies?


Angela said...

The hike looks gorgeous!

memaw said...

i really really want to go camping before the winter comes grrrrrrr, how can we make it happen, i mean if yur up to it lv freds g-ma

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Angela - it was so nice!! I wished we could have been able to go out more often this summer.

Mom - we are going to have to go for sure before it gets any colder.