August 16, 2010

when ugly people get drunk and fall in love it's only good for them

That's all I could think about standing behind the most annoying couple at the Gogol Bordello & Primus show this weekend.
This one is my favorite - Gogol Bordello
For those following along that would be a big friggin' YES Tyrone got the job which is why we ended up at the show. It was a fantastic start to a very lucky weekend. Let's hope this one sticks. I know that sounds horrible to say especially as his wife and it may sound like I have no faith in Tyrone's capabilities in keeping a job but I don't. I just have little faith in life right now and the universe causing problems with that situation. It's a like a spoiled three year old who doesn't get his way and tattles on his cousin for something he never did which causes him to LOSE HIS JOB. Three year olds can have jobs. Why shouldn't they?

Don't worry. I am shaking my head at myself too.
Oh man the things I could go on and on about this show. I LOVED IT! I've mentioned before that I am a total poser when it comes to wanting to be "punk". But I totally get the whole rebel, anti-establishment, fuck the man attitude. Tyrone makes fun of my constant fist pumping at concerts and in the bedroom. But I just can't help myself. I was taught at a very young how to do this and head bang and play air guitar so I consider myself an expert. And as big of an asshole as it makes me look I don't plan on stopping. My caves are aching as we speak from jumping and faux-moshing. I call it faux-moshing because I stood at the crest of the pit where a lot of the action happens but not the real action. Not the head bleeding and face punching action. I'm much too big of a wuse and much too old to do that. I do love to jump up and down a whole lot and occasionally push down the person in front of me. I can't help it if my chucks step on their face. The place was so packed it was really hard to not bounce into everyone around you when you tried jumping anyways. We were up close for Gogol Bordello which made it all even more fun. I had not seen them yet live and had no idea what a treat I was in for. They are so active and just plain crazy. The lead singer right before they left the stage reminded everyone not to let anyone poison our minds. I'll never forget that.

Primus on the other hand, and who doesn't deserve a link back, was a bit disappointing. I have seen them before live and that was about 12 years ago. They are super talented, they're drummer is dope (yes I just typed out the word dope) and that one guy who plays the bass isn't too bad either. Okay he's crazy good and it wasn't really that bad of a show on their part but they had not played together in about ten years before this tour PLUS Salt Lake City was the last stop on the tour and they didn't play THREE of the top songs that made them famous let alone that ONE song everyone knows you for. When you're a band that has been together for more than 20 years your practically considered classic rock and if you don't play the songs that made you famous then DON'T GO ON TOUR! No one wants to hear your jam sessions especially when they come after EVERY damn song. Even when they came out for their lame encore performance they played some unknown. I understand it's not really unknown especially to any die-hards out there who I am probably pissing off with this post because I KNOW they will all read this. Ha!
In other weekend news:

I went to Craft Lake City finally. I missed it last year. This craft who kicks all of the others in the shin and then spits in their face. It kind of defeated me a little bit seeing all of the amazing things. I'm not sure I'm ready for a booth at a fair. It was my goal for 2011 but now I think I'll push that till 2012. I told you - I crack under pressure. Seriously. I want what I do to stay enjoyable and not feel like a job or I will quit with out giving two weeks notice flipping my boss off (that's me) as I run out of the front door.

We got a FREE washer and dryer. We have never had our own since we've been together. It's so nice to have one and they work really well.

In other boring news:

I have some cool posts for this week. Stay tuned.

I am also hoping to add more items to my shop. Everything is made and pictures have been taken I just need to add them.

Also next week I am having a giveaway. I am doing this one all on my own no sponsors or third parties are involved. I've made a small package which includes some things I've done that I can't wait to give to a lucky reader.

Happy Monday! (Don't you hate it when bloggers/tweeters/facebookers say that? I do)

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