August 26, 2010

the worst tour guides ever

Because my mom rarely experiences the "big city" she likes to pretend she's on vacation when she visits Salt Lake City. I think my parents barely live 30 miles away from me. Need I say more to try and make my point?

So, since she lives in her fantasy land she calls me her tour guide when we are walking around downtown together.  A few weekends ago Tyrone and I and our parents strolled around for awhile. I'd like to say it was a total blast and I am a super lucky young lady to have experienced such a lovely time with her family but that would be FALSE. After we stopped by Craft Lake City which I mentioned before gave me anxiety we decided to go eat somewhere downtown. One problem with that is that place shuts down around 5pm. It's funny you read all of these awesome things in the City Weekly that go on but when you're really walking around and take notice not a damn regular place to eat is open at night and especially on the weekends. It's rather troubling especially to two tour guides who are trying to impress the "out-of-towners". To cut this short, we walked too many blocks only to end up back to the car to head back by our house to eat at Rancheritos. Right, and I forgot to mention that Tyrone and I were so ornery with each other. I was being my regular mean self and Tyrone was doing his NEVER SHUTTING THE HELL UP thing. What a lovely mix that and I can tell you that my parents and Tyrone's mom were quite impressed with the entertainment that came along with their guided tour of "the city".

The back of his head because we weren't speaking to each other

This pretty much sums it up

This is a place that Tyrone and I went on our first real date a night we were speaking to each other

Safety first! Tyrone likes to grab multiple flags when crossing the street waving them around like a lunatic. What a dork! He did this almost every day during lunch too when were worked together. Totally not embarrassing at all.

This picture in Rancheritos that I love
*I have to say that I am loving reading all of your comments on the Giveaway post about which bands that you are all listening to right now. I've discovered some new things and have discovered we all have a lot in common in music tastes. Sweet! Keep them coming. I forgot to mention that the giveaway ends Saturday!

**FYI I finally finished the book I found awhile back - Midnight at the Palace - it was good, not spectacular. Good enough to satisfy my 70's addiction that I've had lately.


Jennikunz said...

bahahaha! The back of his head!

freds g-ma said...

hey tour guide, you were great yur writings are tooo funny hehehehe , i cant believe you took a pix of the peepee corners, sad!!, its not yur fault that great big city closes up the freakin sidewalks at 500pm , boo to slc, thks to my fav tour guide from yur scaredy-cat memaw, xox