February 15, 2010

Oh the games we play

Picture me at work bored and Ty laying in bed at home.

I wanted to share a little conversation the Hub and I had over text today:

Me: Poop! I accidentally left my ring at home. Will you put it in my blue box on the dresser?

Him: Where is it?

Me: Ummm…

Him: Ugh!

Me: It’s not like I’m asking to take Frederick out West and shoot him.

Him: : (

Me: Coffee table? Kitchen counter? Bathroom?

Him: None of the above

Me: Try the garbage bag sitting outside our front door.

Him: Don’t fuck with me.

Me: Bwahaha!

Me: It might be on the night stand.

Him: Grrr…I really can’t find it.

Me: Kitchen table?

Him: Not there either.

Me: Hmmm…well shit then.

later that evening I came home from work to look for it and couldn't find it any where. ty said he looked all over the house and couldn't find it. I started to get really nervous and was seriously on the verge of tears until Tyrone started laughing like an evil cartoon villain. Let's just say he thought he was being clever by getting me back by hiding it but he has no idea what he is in for now.

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Anonymous said...

grrrrrrrrrrrr to ty grrr not funny