February 1, 2010

How dare I? Luv Bunting

I will admit that ever since being with Tyrone I have become what some singles (my former and current self included) would say is disgusting. I love him I really do. Now that you have thrown up all over your keyboard and/or iPhone, I'll refrain from getting too mushy on this post and just leave a picture of this bunting I made to hang in our bedroom. It has a bit of Valentine's Day flavor and circus fun. This will be the only positive Valentines Day post you will see on here. Although I am in a fabulous relationship I completely loathe the holiday.

I pulled this idea out of my ever expanding behind the other night for this Luv bunting because I needed something colorful on the wall above my dresser in our bedroom. I can't wait to do one in a kids room some day.

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