February 16, 2010

Weekly Confessional

This isn’t really a confession rather than an annoying preference. And when I say “annoying” I mean that it is annoying to Tyrone.

Dr. Pepper is my favorite soda except that I despise drinking it out of a can because I think it tastes different (gross). I will drink it out of a can but I trick myself into thinking that it is something rather than D.P. that is new and unconventional. It helps ease the pain. I can deal with it in a bottle but I prefer, by a million miles, drinking it from a fountain (you know like in a Big Gulp?). Being the difficult person that I am, I don’t leave it that simple I make the grueling situation worse by not drinking it from just “any” gas station fountain. I only like it from certain places. 7 Eleven is on the good list, Walkers is on the shit list! Before they tore down the Harts gas station in American Fork just off of the Main Street exit I would ONLY drink D.P. fountain sodas from there. They were the best thing next to shopping or chocolate or sex, or insert here whatever makes you giddy as an 11 year old girl at a Jo-Bro concert. Or giddy as an 11 year old girl smoking crack with Miley Cyrus. Come on we all know she does this…right? I’m the only one that thinks so? You just wait – TMZ will confirm my predictions some day. I would like to say for the record that I hope she doesn’t end up like the Brittany Lohan Hilton girls out there.


Back to my point.

Dr. Pepper in a can – bad.

Dr. Pepper in a bottle – bearable.

Dr. Pepper fountain drinks – good.

{For the record I have never had a Dr. Pepper in a glass bottle – I am sure it’s on the good list too}

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little ms. sassy shelby said...

I'm a FREAK about my soda. Certain sodas can come from a can, certain have to be from a fountain, and some are best from the bottle. It's a very scientific process. I have problems, obviously.